Welcome to Parkstone Fisheries

We are a group of ex local fishermen and fishmongers, together we have over 100 years of experience in the industry. Being part of the local fishing community, we are able to buy the very best of the catch, direct from local fishermen in Poole, Bournemouth and all along the South Coast, guaranteeing the freshest, highest quality fish and seafood at the most affordable prices. Our excellent reputation in the industry means that we have an enviable supplier network for fresh and frozen fish and seafood, additionally we can always assure our customers of responsible sourcing.
We also smoke all our own salmon, haddock and mackerel etc, using only local sustainable natural untreated local woodchippings and saw dust to give our smoked products the best distinctive flavour.

Parkstone Fisheries - Fishmongers Poole

Refurbished Fishmongers in Poole


Prior to the re-opening of parkstone fisheries a total refurbishment of the entire premises was completed in order to upgrade and ensure the maximum customer satisfaction/ experience along with the assurance of product knowledge and the highest level of service. So please come and visit our wonderful fishmongers here in ashley cross, poole to see for yourself. We have a full selection of frozen seafood, fish and shellfish, displayed in our upright display freezers, we have two display chillers one specifically for deli products such as our home smoked salmon, all varities of marinated products etc, then another for freshly cooked shellfish e.g., whole cooked lobster, whole crab, handpicked dressed crab and crabmeat, and other ready to eat shellfish products. We also stock a full range of soups, sauces and condiments, finally the fresh fish display counter which always boasts a complete full variety of fresh fish to suit all tastes.
Be sure to pop in and see us early to ensure first choice on todays catch. We also offer a home delivery service for those who are unable to visit the shop with our purpose built refridgerated vehicle so we can offer our quality fish 2 dish.


Fresh Fish and Shellfish Preparation


Our friendly experienced team of fishmongers are happy to prepare the fish free of charge and to the customers requirements such as filleting, butterfly fillet, skinning, pin boning, canoeing or portioning etc, for those who would like to buy freezer packs, give us notice then we can vac pac and label the product which is then given the ideal protection ready to be frozen. Cooked lobsters can be split and claws cracked, whole cooked crab can be also opened and claws cracked, also we sell hand picked, dressed crab and crabmeat.


Our Own Smoked Fish


We have our own purpose-built state of the art fish smoker on site which allows us to hot and cold smoke our own fish such as salmon, trout, haddock, mackerel, kippers etc, we use only local sustainable untreated woodchippings and sawdust, the woods used can range from sweet chestnut, maple, cedar and of course pure oak which gives us the distinctive flavour which our customers love.


Fresh Fish / Special Offers


There will be daily/weekly special offers on our fresh fish, shellfish and frozen products which are usually dictated by seasonality, landings and sustainability so why not visit us in person to see what the dawn has brought in, and you can inspect the catch in person.

Simply phone us on


Home Delivery


We are also pleased to offer a home delivery service to all BH postcodes for those who are unable to visit the shop at any time, deliveries will be made in our new fully refriderated vehicle. Simply call us, place the order, when required, then payment will be taken prior to your delivery. Free delivery on minimum order of £30.00.


Fish Preparation & Cooking Classes


Fish is an excellent source of nutrition but if you lack experience or confidence preparing and cooking fish and would like to introduce more fish into your diet. Later in the year we will be offering demonstration and experience classes here in our shop. The classes will help you understand what you should buy and how to prepare and cook it to perfection.

Classes are 1 or 2 hours long and run in the evening. The classes will begin by discussing how to choose fresh fish and tips on the 5 characteristics of fresh fish: eyes, gills, fins, flesh and smell. We will also be looking at different species of fish and seafood available locally so that you can explore the different tastes and textures of a variety of fish. The hands-on experience of handling, preparing and cooking whole fresh fish under our expert supervision will build your confidence and skills enabling you to enter the wonderful world of fish-based cuisine.

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Fishing Trips Poole


We are looking to resume fishing trips later in the year for anyone who is keen to catch their own fish, both fishing and spear fishing trips, leaving from Salterns Marina in Lilliput, Poole.